Diseases are part and parcel of life. For some reason, we can’t bring ourselves to accepting this harsh reality. This is where the mother of all evil thoughts comes to torment us, death. Health starts in mind. This means that if we subject our minds to only the most gruesome and negative thoughts, our bodies will automatically adapt. Before we know it, our bodies begin to reflect some weakness. This convinces us that we are sick and that we’ll never get better.

Diseases have their way of manipulating the weak-minded into thinking that there is no room for improvement. This is an outright lie from the depths of the ocean. This article is meant to open our eyes, so we know the whole truth about diseases and how to laugh in their face.

Common diseases and their preventive measures

Conditions range from genetic ones to those that are acquired somewhere along the path of life. We shall see the most common and how they can be prevented;



It’s caused by mosquitoes carrying parasites that manifest themselves over time. It can mainly be prevented by sleeping under a medically treated mosquito net.


This disease has been in existence for the longest time possible. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be prevented. Prevention begins right at the vulnerable age of childhood. This can be done by providing a healthy and balanced diet at all times. This way, the anemia causing organisms become deficient, giving room for healthy growth and development.



This is also very common especially small children whose immunities are not fully developed. It can be prevented by ensuring that children wash their hands before meals. Other occasions include after using the bathroom and immediately they arrive home from school.


This is a common disease that has taken over our immune systems at some point. It’s good to know that it can be prevented for good. Washing fruit before eating is one such way of doing it. Also, washing the hands properly using medicated soap is another way of preventing it.

What happens during an infection?

The question on everyone’s mind is what to do next when the diseases have found their way into our systems. This is not a cause for alarm as there are ways of curing them. With modern medicine, anything is possible. Going for routine checkups is one way of bringing them under control.

At this point, you are expected to co-operate in every way with your doctors and caregivers. When called upon to take your medication, it doesn’t have to be a game of push and pull. Instead, give them an easy time for your benefit and also for their peace of mind.

Most importantly, you should put on a radiant countenance. This will give hope to those around you and, of course, to yourself. Your positive attitude will send positive signals to your brain which will, in turn, quicken the healing process. It is a trying period but how you go about it matters a great deal.

Read more, learn more

You need to be more informed about these diseases so as to prevent any future occurrence of the same. Read widely on these topics and get to know how to prevent and treat them.